29 ian. 2015

"The conscious organization" - a coaching oriented organization

In a very interesting article published couple of years ago by John Renesch in the Journal of Values-Based Leadership, it is emphasized the need to ’’restore full functionality and consciousness to organizations’’ in order to fulfill the very purpose they sprang from: to serve people and make life easier. Building further on Peter Senges’s theory about learning organization, Renesch proposes a new perspective on companies future development and launch the concept of conscious organization – ’’The conscious organization is a group of people who are constantly examining their individual and collective consciousness. By definition, this makes the conscious organization a work-in-progress.’’ One of the key actions to grow a conscious organization is to welcome steady preoccupation to develop the habit of self-examination into the workplace, and as the human being as well – to live conscious is ‘’a core ideal throughout life’’. 

He emphasize the difference between ''conscious'' and ''aware'': conscious is being aware and responsible.
Both awareness and responsibility are core values in coaching.

‘’Having a conscious and healthy relationship with co-workers and the organization’s mission is of paramount importance.(..)Conscious organizations are always prepared to rebuke complacency and strive for greater awareness and responsible action.’’  John Renesch
Great people about Renesch: "Warren Bennis, best-selling American author of leadership books for thirty years, calls John “a wise elder who shines with wisdom.” Stanford University’s School of Business’s Michael Ray calls him “a beacon lighting the way to a new paradigm.” 

P.S. I am not an Echart Tolle apostle, but we can elaborate on this saying of him: "You get there by realizing you are already there''...