29 dec. 2017

A great position in life! Realization.

so many Things to do, so Little time..
your life is Flooded, so is mine.
but it will be a Blink - and that”s the Time -
when walking upon water, We`ll drink the Wine.

Well,  almost 10 years since I wrote these lines, or to put it more precisely I leaned upon - lets dare to say :) - ``meaning of life``. And still walking on the solid ground - which, lets acknowledge, it is a great ``position`` in life! It permits realization, a quite intriguing ``activity``, so lets search for some trustful perspectives to explore upon.

Realization, Merriam Webster: the state of understanding or becoming aware of something; the act of achieving something that was planned or hoped for. (my underlines)
Synonyms of realization accomplishment, achievement, actuality, actualization, attainment, consummation, fulfillment (or fulfilment), pass, fruition

If we pay attention to the plane definition, there are two juxtapose approach, yet lets be bold and see that realization is a systemic connection between the two - between the outer world and the inner world. The astuteness of ``the state of becoming aware`` determines the appropriateness  of ``the act of achieving``. Further more, the lack of astuteness leads to a failure in appropriateness, which bias the system functions to grow (sic!) in misunderstanding the outer world by ``clearing`` the lens of fooling the mind - and here we are designing ``prophecy``(or should I say profactcy) instead of fetching facts. And this keen (!) activity resumes in mismatching the act of achieving something that was hoped for, as the definition asserts. In other words: gone for the wrong realization.


Imagini pentru ring the bells that still can ring 

 Pay attention! It pays.