29 nov. 2010

din lumea celor care prea* cuvanta

‎"What is in your mind?" zise Face Book
"I felt a Funeral in my Brain", raspunse Emily Dickinson

*nu/in varianta lui Emil Garleanu - azi, necunoscuta..

18 nov. 2010

Synchronicity – The MEANING "Causing" Effects

There are a lot of theories about synchronicity –
numbers and expectations, y compris.

”Synchronicity is the coming together of
inner and outer events
in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect
and that is meaningful to the observer.
Carl Jung

I fully follow Alain Cardon in this description of
an encounter-syncronicity state.
”I think that synchronicity happens to me when
I am in a quasy-meditative state.
That is when I truly "trust the process"
and feel connected with myself
and with my surroundings if not with the universe”.

Therefore the training for seizing the moments of syncronicity
consists in being IN, being present,
attentive and aware of Self – in&out –
and this is the very meaning of being in a coaching relationship.

As for the ”collective intelligence” and ”correlated system”
for causa prima of syncronicity,
I will rather follow Teilhard du Chardin naming it
And I will try a translation from Romanian:
”The charm of Divine Medium is
to be more and more intens within ourselves.”,
and further
to be part of it is to be at full extent of your own.”

The more presence, the more extension,
and chance for noticing syncronicity.
What for?!
Well, as stated the famous friend of Niels Bohr:
”God is not playing dice”.
This is why is important seizing syncronicity.

If - as du Chardin said -
”acting is increasing the capability to love”,
I would say coaching is increasing the capability to act –
with and within whole Self and the Wholeness,
both for coach and client.

5 nov. 2010

cea mai mare nevoie a celui ce apeleaza la antrenare

”Care credeti ca este cea mai mare nevoie din prezent a clientilor vostri?”
Mihai Stanescu pe ”Coaching in Romania”

coachul bun pune intrebarea buna :)

cea mai mare nevoie ”din prezent”
- buna vorba lui Mihai -
e deprinderea atentiei focalizate,
la tine, la ceilalti, la afacere, la context, la viata, la toate alea.

ce?! cum?! hehe
cea mai mare nevoie e cea de schimbare,
de atingerea - si mentinerea - potentialului,
de leadership - aa - transpersonal!

poate nu m-am prins, da. asta cumpara omul de la mine.
atentie. focalizare. constienta.

gandindu-ma la raspuns - ha! auzi, atentia! -
am ”recoltat”(din englezescul recalled:))
proverbul ”buturuga mica rastoarna carul mare”
in cadrul de referinta setat de Eul Critic:
”oamenii vor spune ca ma ocup de neghinitze!”
(Neghinitza?! - alta recolta ”stransa” de atentia la ceea ce stiu :))
revenind la ”buturuga mica”:
tot buturuga mica te poate aduce sau abate
la/de la directia buna de miscare.

inchei citand celebra vorba a Comisarului Atentie:
”un fleac?! v-am ciuruit!”

3 nov. 2010


Acronym stands for: 
  1) Suppleness (incorporating thinking flexibly; creating, imagining & innovating; remaining open to continuous learning); 
  2) Understanding (incorporating listening with understanding & empathy; responding with wonderment & awe; gathering data through all senses); 
  3) Constructiveness (incorporating questioning & posing problems; applying past knowledge to new situations; thinking interdependently); 
  4) Courageous Thinking (incorporating persisting; taking responsible risks); 
  5) Exactness (incorporating striving for accuracy; thinking & communication with clarity & precision); 
  6) Self-management (incorporating thinking about thinking or meta-cognition; managing impulsivity); 
  7) Silliness* (incorporating finding humour) (from a review by Lee Say Keng on the book 'The Habits of S.U.C.C.E.S.S: Nurturing Intelligent people @School @Home @Work', by Henry Toi) 

 *nota mea: a se observa ca 'silliness' inseamna prosteala nu prostie..

2 nov. 2010

excelenta face diferenta

Nimic nu e mai rau decat prostia mediocra!
Ce desfatare un prost care-si e in mana..


1 nov. 2010

back to basic marketing

Comertul a inceput prin a vinde prin vecini,
plasarea era in casa,
promovarea la hora, prin strigaturi si
produsul era ajustat conform ..ulitzei.
Acum se vinde prin ‘home’,
plasarea e pe ‘face’ (pe fatza?!),
unde, by the way, you can even.. 'book' what you want
promovarea e prin..ciripituri (twit-twit) si
produsul e ajustat conform nishei de frenzi.
Mda. Deci, zilele astea urmeaza sa (va) fac o strigatura!

Cum zicea acum doi ani Serban Alexandrescu/headvertising/
PR inseamna mult mai mult 'personal relations'
decat 'public relations.'
Insa personal relation nu inseamna relationare personala
ci construirea unei comunicari ca de la persoana la persoana -
o comunicare de calitate,
in respectul first rule :),
de aici: