31 mai 2017

”Le Guide du Coaching” - Sir John Whitmore

We could call Sir Whitmore the guide to coaching, indeed, but the title of this post quote the name of the French translation* of the most read coaching book - ”Coaching for Performance”.

Here we have a powerful presentation addressing the world many future (sic!) issues.

The third part - the last one - is ending with this phrase: ”I prefer to be an optimist, because optimists have a better life anyway. So, that`s what I am.”

Thank you for what you were, and thank you for still being.
I use to say that an optimist is someone in search for his/her optimum. Q.E.D.

Here, an optimistic smile for a sound and meaningful journey ahead:

 Source: toptwitter dot com.
* I have checked the Italian and Spanish translation for ”Coaching for Performance”- it is only ”Coaching”. The German edition is ”Coaching für die Praxis” far more appropriate than Romanian one. ”Coaching pentru performanță”. 
Well, as it was said ”it is not him, it is his nature”, I would say it is not the translator, it is his German nature to highlight the importance of practice itself in any endeavor to higher performance. And it is his Romanian nature to be more preoccupied of how would be if than how to do to be.

28 mai 2017

fitiamabila arond siminadiaconu punct ro

Cine obține un zâmbet se poate aștepta la un festin
- zicea cu mulți ani în urmă cineva.

Simina Diaconu, în misiune creativă


Minunat scris. Aș cita tot-tot.
Dar să dăm scriitorului ce e al lui: cititorul. Citiți.
Și băgați în (sic!) seamă că puteți lucra cu un așa om. Și lucrați!