28 ian. 2014

"Innate excellence lies in the ability to learn." Timothy Gallwey

Peter Principle: "in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence", meaning that employees tend to be promoted until they reach a position at which they cannot work competently. How does coaching work in this regard?


a. Obviously there are different levels of excellence in the mastery of any skill or knowledge base. Innate excellence lies in the ability to learn. From childhood on one can learn to increase competence. In some activities, like sports, competence can naturally decrease past a certain age.

b. Some abilities that need not decrease with age are the abilities to enjoy, to appreciate, to love.

c. The Peter Principle has to do with organizational behaviors, and does not speak to the ability to learn to increase competence once in a position beyond his competence. The coach’s job is to facilitate that learning. 

 (From the interview he gave me for the first number of COACHING NETWORK magazine.
He said he enjoyed answer my questions :))

Is so insightful to think about a funny thing: LinkedIn send us daily announcements on work anniversary, and here comes: "Tim Gallwey one year work anniversary with Performance Consultants"

Actually he said in the end of the interview:
I would have to grow in knowledge and clarity.
Yes, he is growing.

"What you really want" an interview with Tim Gallwey

Tim with his wife, Barbara /FB source/