17 mai 2009


Sarkozy: la crise économique mondiale, une occasion de "changer le monde"

”we shall prevail!” - Obama quoted Martin Luher King
so, with all these presidents I am in very..topness mood!

and the word it is.. hm - for truth!
Topness / Wikipedia:
Topness (formerly also called truth),
a flavour quantum number, is the number of top quarks (t) minus the number of top anti-quarks (non t) that are present in a particle:
T= number of t - number of non t
Topness is preserved under strong and electromagnetic interactions,
but not under weak interaction.

What we have to do?
Avoid a weak interaction
and the temptation to be anti-you!

T=n(t) - n(non t)

Topness of you is the result of the difference
between the life/the time when you act as you really are
and the life/the time when you are not really you.

Be a strong-interaction-driven person,
be at the top of your self
express your truth
be you!