30 ian. 2010

God has soft skills


Dear God, please do as I ever have lost
(or have been stolen from me)my identity card,
my bank identity, my car's identity and
mostly the pictures of my beloved past-away doggy.
because I am so unbearably sorry

Than I suddenly remembered the Tertulian's saying
God can do everything but change the past!
Dear God, please help me now to find my mobile!
This was in my mind while I started to search
a small full of snow aria near my parking place.
And you know what?! I found a schneider ballpen
instead of my nokia!
And you know what?! It happens the second time!
Not the baallpen, the...ANSWER!

More than a decade ago,
Dear God, how can I be a winner when I am not winning at all?!
not even at a lottery, where is obvious you have the least work
for the biggest result:)?! Please, help me!

I bought a ticket and, for the first time in my life,
it was NOT unsuccessful: I won one cent!!!

That's it, is like a
" well, it is all I can do, you know,
but, see?! I am watching over you,
I am SIGNING around, see?! Take care!"

right. thanks for the ballpen.
see YOU.
:)- and I literally mean it!