14 mai 2010

Basic approach to life and the MOP model in coaching

‘Just receiving appreciations for
my “poetic* and philosophic” approach to life.

Here you are an interesting quote from "Plato, Not Prozac!” by Lou Marinoff:
The stigma of sickness
is placed on those going through personal problems,
many of which are actually rooted
in philosophical dilemmas
underlying one's basic approach to life
and its problems.
Medications just suppress the symptoms,
without getting to the core issues,
which are often

Therefore I will keep playing philosophical – for the best –
and for the best of my life and my activity
and of the people I coach.

Philosophic approach is an esquisite tool
for the larger frame of reference
i.e. larger area of options – and awarness
regarding the freedom of choice.
This empowering position in life leads to
appropriate action plan.
If you will not see your life in a connectedness
with the whole,
your action plans would be
valuable just to the place where
your world meets the World –
there are many chances to get frustrated
on that edge.

So, start with the 3 M – myself, meaning, mission
Be aware of the 3 O – Oh’s (better known as ”a-ha moments”), offers, options
Get through the 3 P – person, perception, presence.

MOP your self,
then go GROW (the most applied coaching model)
or go GENIUS (another coaching model).

It is a nice novel by Leonard Cohen “The Favourite Game”
I should speak of my way as “The Effective Game”

well, the content of your life is the content of your words -
but what about the feelings you felt, feel, would like to feel?
how can you express them?
and here I am with Wittgenstein -
The limits of my language are the limits of my world. -
only if understanding language as something more then words,
something like this famous saying of Saint Augustin
What, then, is time?
I know well enough what it is, provided that nobody asks me;
but if I am asked what it is and try to explain, I am baffled.
Time is much more a feeling than a content.
The saying of Saint Augustin is more poetry than words.
That is what poetic stands for -
to be complete.