27 sept. 2010

Social Media - you need guts to face ...Facebook! :)

The more honest-involvement based values, the more users to "like'' :)

Social Media in Romania
From the 2nd Conference for ”TOP SOCIAL BRAND in Romania”/27.04.2010/Bucharest

50% of Romanian Internet users are not yet on social media
12% access the Internet SEVERAL times daily.
17% of spend time on the Internet is on social media platforms ( 11% in 2009)
Yahoo Messenger is still the most used social media – 5.7 mil
Hi5 is used by 4.6 mil
TRILULIU – a Romania social media product – has 3 mil users.
Youtube – 2 mil. (unofficial figure)
NETLOG – another Romanian social media product – 1.7 mil
Facebook – 1.2 mil – it has the faster increased rate +50% each 3 month

46% of users aim to meet other people
37% discuss about movies

2 mil blog readers
47 000 bloggers in Romania
5.5% of them are considered most influential

29 000 twitter accounts
(a research from Httpool – as they stated during the conference))
· Social media platforms permitt companies an instant interaction and therefore an instant positioning in consumer's mind.
· Very useful in launching new products and get quick feedback on it.
· The effect of a company presence on social media platforms is fully endorsed by its brand values - the more honest-involvement based values, the more users to "like''(you know, on Facebook this is what you need your "consumer" to thik :))
· Many people/employers from your company are already on social media and they lead the way you are perceived.
· Success in using social media is directly linked to the plus-value you offer to the reader through content you deliver by your accounts (facebook, twiter etc) - make it complete and make it simple.
· The person in charge of social media presence of a company need to have very good communication skills,an honest bond to comapany's values and vision - a creativeresult-oriented PR person
· Social media reflects the shift from mass marketing to individual marketing in our days - consecquently, a company can't survive without showing direct respect to the consumer - and the respect is the value of content you give to him by interacting on social media
· !!! Development of social media proved to be not a competitive split or a zero-result fight versus traditional media - journalists and bloggers work together and use each others specific features in each others specific products.

In terms of advertising it was emphasized a new aspect -
the interest of the online opinion leaders to offline presence -
in newspapers or BTL.
So, it is room for all... who provide quality.

Well, the conclusion was - you need guts to face ...Facebook! :) -
i.e. theconsumer/client;
only very opendminded companies use it so far, but ..
"the future sounds great" for social media!

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