14 dec. 2015

The only respect in which a coach is to be a mentor is his ethic conduct in the coaching relationship

Lets have some quality readings on coaching: The ICF Code of Ethics!

Ethics, the first standard to act accordingly in practicing coaching 





>>>Because I see a profound lack of ethics in the way quite visible so called ''coaches''are doing their so called ''coaching'' in Romania (and other ''developing people'' related professions) - and, of course, else where: its our humaine, trop humaine nature.

>>>Because is not ethic to be a ''pretender'' in this profession (in any profession, in fact), neither by displaying in a bombastically way simple usual titles, nor by use others - is not fair to your clients to have a ghost writer to compose your ''inspirational'' stories, or ''thoughtful'' articles you (!) sign.

>>>Because is not ethic to play ''the master of the words'' by not mentioning the source of your (sic!) wisdom - in a profession which has the very and only tool the communication - to mislead the perception of your ''follower''. As well as is not ethic to use your brand to endorse lousy ''professionals'' for lousy benefits.
Because the very and the only respect in which a coach is to be a mentor is his/her ethic conduct in the coaching relationship.

>>>Because even if is about ''coaching as a business'' you, as a coach, are expected to manage and lead your business in an ethical way - without cheap marketing setups to catch your ''prospect''. Because ethics is not cheating: do not sell ''for free'' in the subject, and for the good money in the text offer, and do not call yourself a ''dean'' of a school because the term comes from the Latin decanus, "a leader of ten" , and you have ten students in your private ltd., named after a famous foreign academic town.

>>>Because ethics is developed through maturity, wisdom and love, as stated by Socrates, whose maieutic art is the foundation of coaching approach - and you are expected to practice maturity, wisdom and love both in relation with your clients, and your employees coaches, in your own company.

>>>Because in coaching are to be lived live (sic!) all the three categories of ethos that were highlighted by Aristotle: phronesis - practical skills & wisdom, arete - virtue, goodness, eunoia - goodwill towards the audience.

Well, I will stop - it starts to look like a Because.. poem :) So, If you are a coach, you are following this: The ICF CODE OF ETHICS - and you keep in mind - together with all your state of the art questioning tools - this simple question:

First published on Pulse:  Ethics, the first standard to act accordingly in practicing coaching

In Romania, 8500 people ''labeled'' them selves ''coach''. In 2006, the only coaching training had 2 days, and no ICF accreditation - it was the 6th module of a program called  ''Excellence in training'', with former Coaching Institut, part of CODECS Company. I was between the 20 trainees. First formal training ACSTH with ICF was in 2007 and 2008, 20 participants, trainer Alain Cardon, MCC, followed by a Supervision program during a year, a group of 7-8 individuals. I was participating in both: certified-coaching-training-supervision Magda Bunea
In the same year Noble Manhattan began its activity in Romania, and also an Austrain school of coaching with NLP. All these programs were quite expensive, and it wasn't a smashing appetite for coaching at the time. From 2014, in Romania was officially accepted as a profession ''specialist în activitatea de coaching'', and suddenly appeared four or maybe more ''school of coaching''. But even an exponential rate of interest for coaching couldn't make that number true. The bad result is that coaching is largely seen as a fake service, and coaches - as a bunch of lousy pretenders. 8500. 
I am really really sorry for this - I worked hard all these years, to develop myself as a coach, but also to be a trustful partner for the coaching community to raise its professionalism - even through publishing useful articles and point of view on this blog (from 2008!), by translating in Romanian two worldwide appreciated books about coaching, and by being responsible of the structure and content of the first magazine dedicated to coaching, in Romanian - Coaching Network., launched in 2011. And it is an awful feeling to read sarcastic articles about being a wonder-preacher for ''beautiful people''. Too many ''coaches'' fake it till they make it :(