27 oct. 2011

beautiful people and their beautiful thoughts

“Magda's sharp insights keep you focused on yourself. Her coaching way of assisting you to get to the heart of the matter, with humor and joy, seeing beyond surface, help you to understand deeper, yet confrunting, and to make changes and grow. A master of language, respectful and empathetic, she is a real professional in helping you regain awarness of the true self, and inspiration to learning and perform.”
Horea MURGU, president, Coaching Institute

“Stephen Covey says "seek first to understand and then to be understood", which is a good way of describing Magda's ability to make you discover yourself, to help you be ... effectively you, to see what it has to be seen! She has the warm, the kindness but also the sharpness in thinking that makes you immediately sense the reality around you. After I first time met her and afterwards in several occasions, I had the opportunity to learn from Magda the easiest and simplest way of approaching things, the desire to look deeper into the root cause of the problems but also the eagerness to continue, despite the obstacles. She finds herself among those people I met in my life that made me feel confident with everything I do because she is capable of inspiring and transmitting trust in an honest and ethical way. Thank you Magda for your professionalism but mostly for your kindness. Gabi”
Gabriel Nastase, HR Development Expert

“Magda is a very intuitive, warm and open person. As o professional, she is outstandingly ethical, clear-minded and self-driven. Knowing her for several years for now, I am glad that I worked and learned so many things together with her. She is a good coach and an excellent development process facilitator. So I am really delighted to recommend her as the true professional that she is!”
Mihai Stanescu, Owner, RoCoach Consult S.R.L.

“A World of Wisdom (WOW) in one person. Tongue twister. Mind twister. Magda!” Monica Grigoriu, ACC, General Manager and Partner, Metasysteme Coaching

“I had a privilege to work with Magda in several projects. Her unique ability for written communications makes Magda’s ideas a real benchmarking for any marketing professional. Excellent trainer, coach and speaker she’s permanent involve in human reengineering.”
Cristian Radu, Managing Partner, Ziglar Worldwide Training Romania

“Magda is one of the greatest persons that i've met so far. A true and rare intellectual, as nowadays one can rarely see. She masters words, languages and great techinques of coaching and training. She is a great coach, kind and gentle, she sees so deep in a client's soul that you have, you must have her as your coach. My words are empty but i have to say tha that she is trustworthy, great professional, extremely helpful and insightful.”
Jackline Mirela Mincu, Owner, Jackline Mincu

“Magda brings a beautiful richness of spirit to human interaction that is to be without any doubt to be ascribed to her empathy and being able to understand and to help people. This recommendation is meant to show my appreciation, respect and trust towards her, in spite of being inexhaustive of her talent and capacity as a coach and as a trainer.”
Dana Timar, Senior Consultant, Ensight Management Consulting

“It is not easy to find the right person to work with you. Sometimes you ask for a reference and still do not get what you want. Stop, no need to look around, choose Magda. It pays.”
Serban Chinole PCC

“Magda confront me to reflect on my values and beliefs and to drawing the core skills and perspective needed to become exceptional. She can "affect" you and the sense of changing your mindset, outlook, and creativity you deliver in day by day business life. Magda is very inspiring in a special way: triggering your own inspiration, and unleash your potential to developing innovative approaches, growing yourself and your business potential.”
Corina Ionita Puiu, Top Office GM, RTC - Diverta

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