27 oct. 2011

what to do when more than half life run out!*

*thinking of tomorrow meeting with my fellows graduates
1981 Electronics, Bucharest University

”In the year of Christ 1571, at the age of thirty-eight,
on the last day of February,
his birthday,
Michael de Montaigne,
long weary of the servitude

of the court and of public employments,
while still entire,retired to the bosom of the learned virgins, where
in calm and freedom from all careshe will spend what little remains of his life,
now more than half run out.
If the fates permit,
he will complete this abode
this sweet ancestral retreat;
and he has consecrated it to his
and leisure.”

Michel de Montaigne

(the (im) bold belongs to me :))
(he wrongly estimate the ”half life” -

he died at 59)

 The ceiling ''library'' in Montaigne House. (image source - wikipedia)

well, as Steve Jobs said, lets pay attention to ”dots”:

coaching 30 years ago/my Electronics Diploma:

coaching 25 years after/the 1st Romanian Conference on Coaching