1 apr. 2012

Do y o u r best, and you will be the best

<"I just wanted to skate my best, straight from my heart," added Kostner.
She was true to her word.
Sporting a slinky, silver bodysuit, it seemed as if Kostner went into a trance the moment the melodic strains of Mozart's Concerto No. 23 started wafting around the arena.
Kostner's many supporters, who had witnessed more falls and tumbles than they would care to remember over the last 10 years, were unable to sit still for the next four minutes.
They held their collective breath each time she launched herself into the air and roared their approval each time she landed safely.
After Kostner nailed her 11th and final jump in a sublime performance that included five triples, the fans danced down the aisles knowing that the gold was finally going to Italy>. (Reuters)

So, indeed: do your best.