20 mai 2014

Growing is an act of freedom, I would say..

What a ''learning'' point of view to start The International Coaching Week! 
The post Tim Gallwey wrote on his Linkedin profile:
"Learning is retarded in conditions of high anxiety & low acceptance. For most tasks, people have the intellectual knowledge to perform well; they just have a hard time acting on what they know. We do not need to learn more from a boss or expert: we need to change the way we apply what already exists within us. Increasing pressure for results is more paralysing than liberating, even though this idea goes goes against the conventional wisdom of culture. If we really want best performance, change the rhetoric from being about winning and make it about learning."
Let's keep learning, indeed. When is not about saving our life, fears make us stupid: fight, flight, freeze in the working place, what for?! Well, if you are payed for it, and somebody else is payed to ''manage'' it, and it is all about someone's victory, not for the organization's benefit... The ''teller'' takes it all, but the ''all'' are.. stoned
Conventional wisdom of internal culture has to follow the true wisdom of innate nature: you are free to grow. 
Growing is an act of freedom, I would say... 
Lets be attentive how this thought came in my mind, lets see how we are able to learn from plane reality, just by credit the ''territory'' with meaning and by trust the ''self'' with capabilities.
It is a simple fact of observing life to notice a flower is ''free'' to grow, as well as a bird - or us, humans.
Pay attention! It pays - always.

Here we (!) are, free to grow.. from blond to white :)