22 aug. 2015

one by one..

time by time..
a beautiful video with Leonard Cohen's voice
and Henri Cartier Bresson amazing images

well, speaking of coaching for performance & stuff,
you know, true performance is a state of being -
as you participate at a banquet, celebrating your life.
success is this inner rhythm of living...

"A banquet is in itself a difficult matter, because even if it be arranged with ever so much taste and talent there is something else essential to its success, to‑wit, good luck. And by this I mean not such matters as most likely would give concern to an anxious hostess, but something different, a something which no one can make absolutely sure of: a fortunate harmonizing of the spirit and the minutiae of the banquet, that fine ethereal vibration of chords, that soul‑stirring music which cannot be ordered in advance from the town‑musicians.'' Soren Kierkegaard, The Banquet

So, lets not behave like an ''anxious hostess'' of our own life :)

(quote from here  http://www.ccel.org/k/kierkegaard/selections/veritas.htm)