26 iun. 2016

There is nothing new under the Sun but* is good to find out what there is :)

I am really glad when I notice people questioning the status quo: it is the very place where they can start managing ''the new'' of them. (Because, yes, from the Sun point of view - well..)
This questioning approach is the core of any true process of transformation - and has to be welcomed.
There are already a lot of standard phrase in business - they appeared with a good intention to support good work, but there is a danger to end by prevent thinking by oneself - to be present as a person, the necessary condition to a good rapport with work.

One of this statement to follow is ''Think outside the box'', and I was happy to read some doubts about its effectiveness nowadays. And it remembered me that I had a text of my own written years ago - in 2010! It is a good one:) And very effective too: in a form or another, I do follow its ''prescriptions'' in my coaching or nestworking activity.

Here you are some excerpts, but it worth five minutes to read it entirely.

The more attention you pay to your inside context, the more connections, the more ‘text’, the more original thinking. The matter of fact, the way brain functions is the perfect example for original thinking. Heraclitus : „No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” There aren’t a same synaptic way in two brains! The originality of thinking is innate. The exploring of thinking is not.
As well as the attention to yourself. And the minimum condition for attention is to be present within yourself. And this is not at everybody’s ease. On the contrary.
We are used to focus on the past or on the future solutions – because that solutions are not verifiable. Being present is checking your results,
having feedback, seizing what could be a feed forward, being aware of ‘the next-level present’.

Read more here: Out of the box there is nothing!

And building on this inside-the-Eminescu`s head thought, let me put a light on a very simple observation: there is a talent we all possess - atention. Lets really enjoy the party - our own life!