10 feb. 2010

the most powerful English word

following a discussion on

TED/What is the single most powerful positive word in the English language?
and..... the answer is...

right, the power is direct linked with the emotion
and the emotion move things forward - even is about ...frame of reference:)
I think the most powerful-engaging-to-positive word in the Bible is 'death',
with its emotion 'fear', with its.. motion/movement to Saint Augustin's saying
'love, and do what you want' - other words – ’live’.

But speaking about English,
I will say Shakespeare!

The more metaphoric it is the word, the more powerful.
Metaphor derived from Greeek word metapherein,
to carry over or transfer – to have that power!

Well, ’shakespearean’ is the utmost metaphor for human being,
and it is an English word