23 feb. 2010

walk the shok

Is the optimism bad?!

Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World
by Barbara Ehrenreich

If we take this ‘optimism’ as literally equivalent of ‘denial’
from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross model
(denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance)
the words states a truth:
you must be very optimistic to overcome a high percent probable loss –
and a loss you can’t control.
K-R model was issued from ‘death and dying’.

Being familiar with the former way of doing things,
you deny it was bad,
i.e. you are optimistic about it,
and that’s why this cult of positivity
makes it easier to find excuses not to make changes –
acting like a negativist person.

Is like in change management –

Optimism keeps people waking up each morning.

It is not “Smile OR Die”,
but “Smile AND Die”= live
i.e. walk the shok
be the…ok!
Let’s :)