25 apr. 2010

"acting is increasing the capability to love"

There a lot of theories about syncronicity – numbers and expectations, y compris.
I fully follow Alain Cardon's description of an encounter-syncronicity state. ”I think that synchronicity happens to me when I am in a quasy-meditative state. That is when I truly "trust the process" and feel connected with myself and with my surroundings if not with the universe”.

Therefore the training for seesing the moments of syncronicity consists in being IN, aware of self – in&out – and this is the very meaning of being in a coaching relationship.

As for the ”collective intelligence” and ”correlated system” for syncronicity I will rather follow Teilhard du Chardin naming it LE MILIEU DIVIN :)
And I will try a translation from Romanian: ”The charm of Divine Medium is to be more and more intense within ourselves.”, and further ”to be part of it is to be at full extent of your own.”

The more presence, the more extension and chance for noticing syncronicity.
What for?!
Well, as stated the famous friend of Niels Bohr: ”God is not playing dice”. This is what-for seizing syncronicity.

If - as du Chardin said - ”acting is increasing the capability to love”,
I would say coaching is increasing the capability to act - with and within true Self!