15 apr. 2010

Who is facilitating meeting your future? (i.e.YOU)

Find any similarities between the following:

The facilitator to meeting with yourself is the coach –
she/he would:
1. create the feeling of pressing need in achieving the set goal
2. validate your confusion and dilemma and would accompany you in search for a solution
3. facilitate the optimal vision revelation and the fact that you can accomplish it
4. help you clarify and explore different options in order to achieve the desired result
5. consolidate your energy to decide what to do and your power to do it
6. assist you in obtaining results in a short time, as small as they are
7. help you in analyzing consequences and feedback and in correcting
8. facilitate the internalization of this other successful pattern
(coach MB)

The facilitator to meeting with yo' future is the change manager –
she/he would:
1. acting with urgency
2. developing the guiding coalition
3. developing a change vision
4. communicating the vision buy-in
5. empowering broad-based action
6. generating short-term wins
7. do not let up
8. make change stick
(John Kotter)

(Kotter suggests that for change to be successful,
75% of a company's management needs to "buy into" the change.
That is why an executive coaching programs would be an essential support.)