6 oct. 2010

Coaching and fries, please!

The beauty of coaching is developing a consistent pattern to deal with (almost) any situation. 
How come?! 
Coaching is about growing attention, and awareness, and applying it! 
Coaching these three capacities in a particular circumstance /the coaching session/ secures the access to a higher level of capability to be attentive, to be aware, to apply in another circumstance, without a coach presence /a personal or professional environment/ 
Using them forward is - by itself - training and developing it. 
Coaching is something we all experience since childhood – is the way we GROW. /”Goal-Reality-Option-Will” – John Whitmore coaching model, and one of the most used during a coaching session
Is it true that everybody needs a coach?! No!, the truth is that everybody is the result of a coaching process. Coaching goes with anything for growing in everything.