24 oct. 2010

The Habit of Success*

I put the question bellow on some coaching groups discussions.
Are people reluctant to success?! How come?
I noticed that the very effect of any good coaching question is the ‘immediate success’ of the people you coach. ‘immediate success’ = the body’s feeling when the child makes his very first baby-step; a feeling of lightening and wellbeing after getting into the chosen action, on the begining spot.
And yet there is a kind of resistance. ..

In terms of Neurology, when you do something often enough
it becomes a habit –
a habit is something you do without resistance.
A kind of the 4th level of learning,
doing unconsciously what you do long enough consciously.

Is it reluctance to success an informations for coach
that the client hasn’t
the habit of success”?!

Isn't it that baby-steps technique an approach
to engramme solid paths in client's brain,
getting him used with success?

Is it success something to be memorized
and to recall on the spot?

Let'a try some answers together :)

I was thinking about the way we Romanians react,
in society, politics, media -
consolidating 'the habit of failure' -
we already had build through centuries..

*after proudly (:)) writting the title,
I checked with the Internet,
and here you are an interesting book -
as far as I cruised through it.


if you read untill here :)))
it is a 100% probability to enjoy these too: