7 feb. 2018

Space oddity in deeds!

”Crazy things can come true” - Elon Musk in press conference, after successful launched Falcon Heavy

screen shot via www businessinsider .com

These days I was listening to a lot of stuff from Jordan Peterson, quite a nerd star too in his own way. He use to say that for be successful you have to have openness and conscientiousness - even industriousness. And there is this conference clip about creativity where he states that creative people has openness at a very high level, therefor, they are likely to be creative even with their very limits, and to ch-ch-change (quoting from Bowie) them constantly being on the verge on not completed anything as a solid grounded thing. They need to team up with the more conscientious ones. Well, I think David Bowie and Elon Musk are this extreme(s) team. Bowie use to say he has a very short attention span. Elon Musk does the opposite:

But I think it was also important to see, as a kid, somebody keep pursuing a ”possibility” - there are at least 6 or 7 songs about Space in Bowie carrier, and to have this simple faith Elon Musk stated famously: ”The first step is to establish that something is possible; then, probability will occur.”