22 mai 2015

change management

Tolle, lege
"Take up and read" -
keywords to the conversion of  St. Augustin

Hm. he had a deep fondness for playing.
And a deep trust in his.. coach ;)

And the coach has a deep care of.. anybody!

Well, this remind me of a discussion with a participant in Leadership Summer Academy program, 6 weeks, by Teach for Romania, NGO. She said ''You were the only one we felt is deeply concerned of what is to be done for us, and carrying about us''. My NESTworking workshop was ranked the 1st in 17 training programs and workshops, and I was appreciated as the best from 50 facilitators - some of them well known in the specific market in Romania.

I do offer the opportunity to participate at this special kind of GROW in my open workshops organized by Brain Fitness. Their recent re-branding state their USP to be ''Feedback for creators''. Yes, NESTworking workshop is a source of feedback and feed forward for creating your life as you enjoy it the most.
Last edition for this year will start on 9th of November. Check this link.