8 sept. 2015

''Clarity affords focus'' Thomas Leonard

The stepping stone in any coaching process is to explore for clarifying in each of the four stages of a stem GROW approach - the goals, the reality, the options, the ways. If is not clear, it is not visible. Clarity in the present situation secures clarity in vision, reality evaluation, and goal, and bring clarity in choosing action to get the desired results.

It is worth to notice that the purpose of the main tool in the Inner Game method of coaching of Timothy Gallwey - ''critical variable'' - is to bring clarity in the way the individual relates to performance. Telling the tennis player to ''be good, do the best of you, and so on'' is a foggy instruction, and it welcomes interference of different interpretation of ''what is good'', and consequently affects results, as in the famous equation:

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In an unexpected odd way, the focus of mind is moved from the action to do to the exploring ''what is the best of me''. Paying full attention to some aspect of the activity you perform, an aspect which has an essential role in performance, is bringing the needed clarity to focus. 

It is very important for the entire process to name - to put in words all the whys that prevent you to enroll in the change you want. Each and any of these resistance sentences reveals a frame of reference the coach could challenge to expand for the client to raise awareness, to identify limiting beliefs and to undermine them in order to free his/her mind to formulate the story they are longing to be their own.

Here you are are some ''names'' if you resist change, and you do not know what reason you have! :)

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