20 sept. 2015

Flying is heading to a nest :)

There are so many sayings about flying - it looks like you are wasting your life if you do not keep winging - and, of course: ''the sky is the limit'' (well, indeed - the Heaven could be the limit of a proper life, isn't it?!)
I do believe it worth to pay attention - to humble around - practice the enlightenment difference between big and great, between a saying-worth-to-say, and a saying-worth-to-do.
Flying is longing to earth, to rest and build - to welcome life.
The very checking for Noah was the dove fly without returning back :)

There is a huge difference between a goal and a purpose, as it is a significant difference between a mean and a meaning. People are now very much caught in organizations, values and visions are the new good to do worshiping. But lets notice people are not the offerings, people are the very recipients for their own wishes.

Well, speaking of nest - the last two NESTworking workshops in 2015 are for 12 October, and 9 November. Only 9 people to coach for good - if you detect a nest in your soul, do come to fly to it :)