16 nov. 2015

Ernesto Sabato

 “El mundo nada puede contra un hombre que canta en la miseria” Ernesto Sábato, La Resistencia

“It might be said that the human race is incapable of withstanding the drastic changes that are taking place in today’s world. For those changes have been so terrible, so far-reaching and, above all, so swift that they make those that caused the disappearance of the dinosaurs pale into insignificance. Man has not had time to adopt to the sudden and powerful changes that his technology and society have produced around him, and it might safely be said that many of today’s illnesses are the means used by the cosmos to eliminate this proud human race. Man is the only animal to have created his own environment. Ironically, he is also the only one to have thus created his own means of self-destruction.”

Ernesto Sabato, Abaddon el exterminador


And here, a bitter thought about relationships, and the courage we need to be who we really are in front of others (and in front of ourselves, I would dare to add) - ''How much harm we could spare this way'' :

 ''Cuántas lagrimas hay detrás de las máscaras! ¡Cuánto más podría el hombre llegar al encuentro con el otro hombre si nos acercáramos los unos a los otros como necesitados que somos, en lugar de figurarnos fuertes! Si dejáramos de mostrarnos autosuficientes y nos atreviéramos a reconocer la gran necesidad del otro que tenemos para seguir viviendo, como muertos de sed que somos en verdad, ¡cuánto mal podría ser evitado!''

Ernesto Sabato, La Resistencia 


And here we are this beautiful human: