17 nov. 2015

NESTworking™ - outcomes

  • Understanding communication competency as a basic tool in the working processes;
  • Self-esteem stated as a fundamental growth pre-requested condition, both for the employer and the employees, as well as corner stone for any self-actualization endeavor – i.e. learning it self.
  • Broaden perspectives, focus, and effective skills for managing communication and overcoming unpredictable situation in the workplace - with managers, peers or clients;
  • Higher awareness levels for the on-the-spot situations, lesser ready-made ”maps”, facilitating deep understanding of the sets and actions to be taken for the long term solving solutions;
  • Assertiveness, descriptivity and proactivity as a life position in relating in any kind of professional or personal situation;
  • Change management abilities for dealing with unexpected problems - trust in their own thinking, and the capacity to find out alternatives for solutions;
  • Effective communication skills, verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal;
  • Lightness in having more options for any situation, and trust in choosing the appropriate and most effective solution;
  • Team player skills, win-win position both with managers, fellows and different partners, as well as with others involved in improving working processes and outcomes;
  • A good AIR at work: attention, in-deeds-empathy, respect. (in Romanian AER - attention, empathy, respect)
  • Moving forward to accomplish your own meaning of life with responsibility, mobility and joy in living your professional life.

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