13 feb. 2016

''only 30 percent of business leaders believe that HR has a reputation for sound business decisions''

The above finding from this useful report: Reinventing HR

Here we are an insightful chart. Odd to notice that precisely the management of high potentials, talent &Co - read ''performance'' - scores poorly at the very features it is supposed to contribute to grow inside the company.

''To put it bluntly, HR is not keeping up with the pace of change in business. Today, there is a yawning gap between what business leaders want and the capabilities of HR to deliver.''

The whole article worth to be read.
''Imagine an organization where business leaders look to HR for advice as they develop business strategies to drive growth, where HR is considered the developer of talent and leadership across the business, and where business leaders respect and admire the HR professionals as co-leaders of the business. This can all happen, but only with an extreme makeover of HR.''

Speaking of ''makeover'' lets notice it is not about ''make-up''! What a pitty that many of the activities are in this direction. Here it is an article I wrote few months ago - in Romanian:
Devenirea întru.. performanţă (Fake it til you.. crack it?)