24 feb. 2016

''To survive, we must tell stories'' Umberto Eco

... We like to make lists because of the fear of death - he used to say. Indeed: we try to ''invite'' future by outsmarting it: we do have something to do, therefor life does need to be there:)

One of the great.. observer of himself and of the world, a true human being in charge of his life.

About the ''magical process of self-realization'', here, in this article from The New Yorker on “How to Write a Thesis”: <It models a kind of self-actualization , a belief in the integrity of one’s own voice.>
As Hua Hsu writes in the end of the article: ''We might even think of the thesis, as Eco envisions it, as a formal version of the open-mindedness, care, rigor, and gusto with which we should greet every new day.'' (my.. bold ;) in the texts above)

And a great conference, here: