2 feb. 2016

Where are you in your own garden?

Curiosity - the playground (sic!) in my NESTworking programs. 'Cause in this very ground are some extraordinary organic seeds. Some of them grow and flourish, others are fruitless, exhausted by too many leafs, exploring too many directions the light was seemingly come from. Others are forgotten under too many layers of ''not now, not ready''. Others are suffocated by to many ''seedlings'' - those little plants others have cultivated, but they consider worth to nurture and demand you take care of. Or, more dramatically, there are people who carefully take care to grow (!) their meaning of life, and the results are nice, and appreciate by neighbors, but some villain instills doubts in the very nurturing soil, or cut the tree of meaning - your meaning.
So, where are you in your own garden?

 (Image from our courtyard, in the countryside - hopefully, it will become a welcoming retreat for.. nestworking around and practicing self (sic!) gardening:))

A good read further is an article on Pulse/LinkedIn In search of curiosity.
A good action further is.. to check our open workshops here: www.revdepov.ro/ateliere/nestworking.
For corporate NESTworking, you could find us in our underconstruction.. nest :) magda.bunea@nestworking.ro