4 mar. 2016

Dealing with barriers in the workplace

I planned to wrote something about the subject today, and, as usual, I search Internet for some trustful data to describe the addressed situation. And suddenly synchronicity reveals that my intention is legit! Here we are a post from today:

''Our reader poll today asks:
Where does the biggest threat to your organization come from?
From within — we’re our own worst enemies: 76.82%
From the outside — the market is our biggest threat 23.18%''
(source here: http://www.thoughtleadersllc.com/2016/02/where-does-the-biggest-threat-to-your-organization-come-from/)
So, the strongest barriers are within organizations, quite similar with personal development barriers which lie within our inner world.

Here we are in short some action to take within companies - from this article worth to read: Eight Ways To Break Down Barriers In Traditional Workplace Culture

Let it be (sic!):

1.  Transparent / allowed to fail
2.  Least conventional as possible
3.  Risk Neutral
4.  Scrappy
5.  Appreciation of individuality
6.  Trust on individual label
7.   Ideas are created equals
8.   Opinionated

Lets make a simply observation: these very features for a performance oriented workplace are expected to be in acting in a performance oriented workshop! And they allegedly are, but the barriers to learn, to make changes are quite the same as in an organization. Well, it could proof not such an odd perspective that the way training is provided in organization could empower actually the very characteristics training is bought to change. Our NESTworking workshops have really lightning effects, ''get people outside the box'', as them selves acknowledge. Maybe because we do act in all those 8 direction - ''scrappy'' included :) 
Some testimonials in Romanian here: NESTworking works Well, ''testimonial'' is rooted in... test, isn't it? :)