6 mar. 2016

Vladimir Horovitz AND Martha Argerich

''There was a time when I asked myself to choose between them, and I almost literally became dizzy. So then I decided that I would never try to choose one over the other.'' (from comments)

Classical morning - in the 5th dimension, as the physicians reveal last October that there is a completely separate realm for classical music:
“Classical music transcends both the linear, forward flow of time and the Euclidean space we are used to,” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the director general of CERN. “A musical work is a mysterious entity whose essence totally eludes our senses.”

Here we have some mystery:

Well, both these interpretations are great, but I do feel Vladimir Horovitz actually being that music...

The CERN related findings here: “When you leave a museum, you know the paintings are still there. But where does Beethoven’s Fifth go when you’re not around? Now we know.”