26 feb. 2013

Put the solution on the map!

If you ask people ”Where is the future?”most of them will point their hand in front. Is the place where the coach is in most of the face-to-face coaching sessions. Therefor, from the beginning, looking at the coach is looking at the solution – because the solution is something you want, and consequently is directly related to the future (one sees in front).

It is helpful to ask the client where he ”seize” the future, and establish the precise place in the room where it ”really” is. During the session, both client and coach may check the road to solution ”asking” the present-future if the solution is getting closer or.. is visiting another future.If it is the case, invite the client to make the adjustments he feels are needed, or ask her/him if the two futures are both desirable, or ask him to make her/ his choice.

Having a present-future in the coaching session place helps focus and awareness, increases responsibility and gives meaning to mobility the client uses developing the solution, and secures an authentic grow.