2 feb. 2013

who I am - a "fairness opinion"

I am my fair Lady.
Of course, we smile.
(both - who write and read)
but it is a kinda specific assertiveness:
I didn't say "a fair"; by "my fair" I state
I am in charge of myself, aware and trustful -
and joyfully working.. a living (sic).

Hm. Eliza Doomore :))
Because it is.. l o v e r l y!

”Fairness” is a word with mainly positive meanings*:
pleasing to the eye or mind 
especially because of fresh, charming, 
or flawless (as "being in the flow") quality, 
clean, pure, fine, clear, ample, 
marked by impartiality and honesty 
(free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism)
conforming with the established rules,
consonant with merit or importance,
open to legitimate pursuit, attack, or ridicule,
free of obstacle, adequate, 
favorable to a ship's course,
"being such to the utmost".
(in banking there is the term fairness opinion**)

I could not use ”good” instead of ”fair”.
Goodness is the God's skill :)
As human beings, fairness is our pathway
in His garden.

  * http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fair
** Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF):
”One way boards can demonstrate fulfillment of their duties, 
when considering a transaction, 
is by seeking fairness opinion services 
from a trusted and independent advisor such as DCF.”

Well, taking into consideration this statement we may say
that in the very work of coaching,
considering the transformation (goal) client wants to achieve
as a ”transaction”: is it worth to ”buy” this new me? 

A coach is a support for a fairness opinion of your own.
(a trusted and independent observer of the process, 
of the ”dealers”, and the ”goods”).
I am a coach. A fair one :)