1 iul. 2013

"Being a coach means to be usable."

The real completion seems it's empty, 
then it's inexhaustible – Lao Tse.
The most important thing that a coach must do is to be silent.
It is the way in which
the masters of completion and emptiness
were preparing themselves to perform.

It is said about a great Chinese painter, Gua Xi,
that he was holding a certain preparing ceremonial
before he began to paint: he washed his hands,
as if he would expect a very important guest;
afterwards he kept quiet for a long time,
to cool his mind and to gather his thoughts -
he often spoke of the fear he had:
fear of staying in front of the canvas thinking elsewhere.

This fear is the one to overcome in coaching too.
The way in which you manage not to think
at the one in front of you (and even less, his problem!)
but to be perceive like being there for him -
this non-deed gives the means of
quantifying the other one’s deeds.

from Co Ching