1 oct. 2015

(Re)Search: ''fulfill your potential'' Results: 0 (sic!)

When it comes to high extend used formulas, with ''loaded'' words, it is always fruitful to relate to ancient texts - it is right there where the words were used much closer to their meaning. (Is it a post bout coaching?! Yes, it is.) This kind of clarifying approach is always a step forward to enlarge our frame of reference, i.e. our awareness of reality and options, our righteous chance of a proper choice, to empower us to have a stronger will, and a more workable action plans, and the desired results. To enlarge our world, if we follow Wittgenstein with his famous statement:
Well, there is plenty small talk - and ''big'' talk even more! - about ''potential'', i.e. to fulfill your potential: it returns about  6,670,000 results!
It is intriguing to see that this specific word is not used in the Holy Bible - not even once*.
But fulfill is quite often - 54 times, as in this search.

fulfill a/the vow - is the most frequent
fulfill the word - with quite similar: fulfill what was said,  fulfill this passage of Scripture, fulfill what was spoken, fulfill what is written in their Law
fulfill your duty
fulfill my request
fulfill my purpose
fulfill all righteousness
fulfill his promise
I will fulfill through you the promise
Does he promise and not fulfill
fulfill the requirements of the law written in the book
fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet
I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them (Law and Prophets)
for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.
I will fulfill whatever I say

Well, as Einstein stated ''God didn't plays dice with the universe'', what could we learn from this very perspective the search results is displaying in front? It is a free learning, of course.

I would fully follow ''I will fulfill whatever I say'', and I would highlight that fulfilling potential is a mater of inner communication in the context of a wholeness communication! Because it is quite a nonsense to fulfill what is in you for good - you were born ''filled'' with potential -, the challenge is indeed to fulfill what ever you say - to you, or to others - about what you can: dreams or deeds .

We can find on the Internet these words attributed to Goethe

And indeed, is the great Goethe's wit to emphasize the importance of ''the action of beginning'', but he did it more precisely and even very.. workable. The quote above is falsely attributed to him, but it has seized the spirit of the authentic writing. Here we are the passage from his Faust:

This altercation's gone on long enough,
it's time I saw some action too!
While you are polishing fine phrases
something useful could be going on.
What's the point of harping on the proper mood?
It never comes to him who shilly-shallies.
Since you pretend to be a poet,
make poetry obey your will.
You know that what we need
is a strong drink to gulp down fast,
so set to work and brew it!
What's left undone today, is still not done tomorrow;
to every day there is a use and purpose;
let Resoluteness promptly seize
the forelock of the Possible,
and then, reluctant to let go again,
she's forced to carry on and be productive.**

It is this particular movement to ''forelock the Possible'' - read ''potential'' - when each of us needs a coach - it could be about the innate coach (worlds' greatest creators have it at full extent), or the outer coach. We need a partner of conversation, because it is about saying - about inner dialog.

Once we get started, well, we will noticed ''signs'' that the Universe knows it! It is another beautiful observation of Goethe:''our moral endeavours are met, so to speak, by a moral order in the universe, which comes to the aid of individual effort.''***

So, lets keep in mind a paraphrase of one of his lines - for anyone's use:
Since you pretend to be whatever you say, make that ''whatever'' obey your will.
''Pretending'' is saying - so, here we are back to our ''research'': fulfilling your potential is fulfilling your sayings.That's why inner and outer communication is of the outmost importance, as well as being in control.- owning your life, personal and professional. 

And let us do apply in force this sharp and empowering ''action plan'':
let Resoluteness promptly seize
the forelock of the Possible,
and then, reluctant to let go again,
she's forced to carry on and be productive.

As I use to say**** (sic!) in my nestworking programs: ''if something you wish is maybe,  it says it may be inviting you to try it out.''*****

And count on the paradoxical insight I would dare to formulate:
''When a man aspires, the universe transpires''

(c) MB

*Lets notice though that ''potential'' first known use is from14th century (Merriam Webster); but ''possibility'' also returns zero results.
** From here:  http://www.goethesociety.org/pages/quotescom.html
*** This beautiful statement is much more known as a Coelho ''formula'' (yes, I think Coelho is a poor writer and a fake thinker) '''And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.'
**** I use to say and.. ''I fulfill what I say'', of course
***** In Romanian, the specific words are more insightful - something like ''being probable is being able to try it'': tot ce e posibil e probabil - poate fi probat.