24 iun. 2013

the first goes first (sic)

“Hire character. Train skill.” 

Peter Schutz, former CEO of Porsche

"There is reason to believe that the only lasting competitive advantage that any business can have consists of getting extraordinary results with ordinary people. When leadership mobilizes The Driving Force and nurtures it, a business can achieve and maintain a lasting competitive edge."

"Outstanding profitability, particularly for a smaller business, depends on differentiated products and services. The elements needed for differentiation are frequently incompatible with those required in a commodity business. Recognizing and managing these differences is critical to success in a changing business environment."

".. market-focused and proactive. Such organizational business structures can attract and hold outstanding people and motivate them to achieve outstanding results in a changing and challenging business environment. To be effective, such organizations require a basic understanding of market niches and require a culture that can manage delegation of authority."

"A major challenge in business management is providing accountability. This requires a set of values and an appropriate business structure. It has to do with controlling the fundamental human propensity for corruption.(..) Employees are rarely represented with a seat on the board, and are rarely given an opportunity to ask questions that represent the employee agenda or concern in a forum where management is obligated to respond promptly. In these circumstances authority can be abused and corruption results. Accountability rooted in business structure and ethics can be part of the solution."

"... the inability to interact with others will limit the ability of an organization to perform."

the underlines are mine, MB)