9 iun. 2013

the power of keeping a direction..

...only as long as you need it.

it is about paying attention to context.
(yes. again.)

Bucharest is a quite large town, and
without a gps you can get lost.
When this is happen to me,
I use to drive for few blocks
only to the right - no matter what.
And always found my way,
and "reach my goal".

When we are overwhelmed by problems,
"with no direction home" -
everything home could be (and is!) -
choose one direction for action,
the very simply one
(and not harmful at all),
and keep it, and practice it for a while.
Give yourself some moments for accomplishness,
for pride and trust,
and this will give you the power
to do what it needs to "reach your goal".

You ask me where to begin
(..)But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near

From this beautiful song,

(well. YES. again ;-) )

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